Hedging Oil Price Exposure

Unioil Supply offers to eliminate oil price risk by hedging oil price exposure with pricing tools that match every exposure and need.

Benefit from Unioil Supply’s extensive knowledge about hedging and let us find the best possible solutions to eliminate your oil price exposure. It is our philosophy that our substantial expertise should be shared and benefit our clients in the fullest and most optimum manner. 

  • We offer exposure management of physical product in client tanks and onboard client vessels
  • We can lock the oil price for future supplies of fuel
  • The client can price the product upfront before delivery (fixed price)
  • The client can price the product long after we have delivered the product (trigger price)
  • The client can price the product based on average market price during an agreed pricing period (average price)


Work closely with us and benefit on oil price exposure issues in various ways: 

  • Eliminate oil price risk
  • Secure profit margins
  • Secure financial stability
  • Strengthen competitiveness
  • Create space for core business focus


Please contact Unioil Supply to hedge your oil price exposure: 

Cargo Supply: 
- Phone: +45 88 82 81 81
- Mail: trading@unioil-supply.com