Barge Supply

Unioil Supply is highly experienced in supplying fuel products to vessels using first-class barges.

We provide bunkering services in all ports in Scandinavia – however not limited to only this area. With our access to a first-class fleet, counting barges from 750 – 9.000 CBM, we are able to provide you with a strong, reliable and flexible service regarding any bunker requirements you might have.  

Unioil Supply offers a dedicated team of professional and experienced employees at your service. We deliver first-class quality, flexibility, timing and safe operation – and place a strong emphasis on developing close and long-term business relationships.

Work with a reliable supplier having a flexible setup and a short response time in the event of any changes or delays to your voyage.  


Value-added services

Unioil Supply offers a full service concept for bunkering supply. From a professional analysis of your needs and challenges, we design and offer services like bunker management, hedging of oil prices, solutions involving financing and credit, sourcing, logistics and daily pricing updates.




  • Products are delivered by barge, ex pipe and truck


  • Fuel oil (30-800cst) and RMD-80 (ULSFO)
  • MGO, DMA 0.1% and LNG
  • Jet A-1, Diesel and Heating Oil
  • F35, F44, F54, F75, F76 and JP5                    


Port information:     

  • Skagen (Skaw) – max draft of 12.0 metres and max LOA of 130 metres
  • Aarhus – max draft of 9.5 m (+/- 0.3 metres subject to tide) and no limit on LOA
  • Copenhagen – max draft of 9.9 metres and max LOA of 150 metres


Please contact Unioil Supply for reliable, flexible and safe bunker supply by barge: 

Bunker Supply:
- Phone: +45 88 81 17 87
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