Danish Ports

Unioil Supply has a high level of expertise as a first-class bunker supplier in Danish ports. We supply by truck, ex pipe or barge with the newest and most suitable equipment.

Purchase your bunker supplies directly from a leading bunker supplier in Denmark. Unioil Supply has a reliable and flexible setup for truck deliveries, and is able to supply up to 700 CBM of product within eight to nine hours.

We deliver bunker supplies ex pipe from the Port of Aarhus, Copenhagen and Skagen (Skaw) with more than 225.000 CBM of total storage capacity. From our storage, we offer fuel oil, gasoil and other distillates. In addition, we supply same products by barge.

Get a reliable supplier with a flexible setup and a short response time in the event of changes or delays to your voyage.


Value-added services

Unioil Supply offers a full service concept for bunkering supply. From a professional analysis of your needs and challenges, we can design and offer services like bunker management, hedging of oil prices, solutions involving financing and credit, sourcing, logistics and daily pricing updates.




  • Products are delivered by barge, ex pipe and truck 


  • Fuel oil (30-800cst) and RMD-80 (ULSFO)
  • MGO, DMA 0.1% and LNG
  • Jet A-1, Diesel and Heating Oil
  • F35, F44, F54, F75, F76 and JP5             


Port information:     

  • Skagen (Skaw) – max draft of 12.0 metres and max LOA of 130 metres
  • Aarhus – max draft of 9.5 m (+/- 0.3 metres subject to tide) and no limit on LOA
  • Copenhagen – max draft of 9.9 metres and max LOA of 150 metres


Please contact Unioil Supply for bunker supply by truck, ex pipe or barge in Denmark: 

Bunker Supply:
- Phone: +45 88 81 17 87
- Mail: salesDK@bunkerone.com