Pricing Tools

Unioil Supply has very substantial experience in handling oil price risks and offers pricing tools to fix the oil price.

Benefit from Unioil Supply’s substantial expertise in hedging and eliminate your oil price exposure. Let us assist you with customized pricing tools matching your exposure and needs. Our philosophy is to work closely with our clients to understand their business, and let them benefit from our strong competencies to the fullest and most optimum extent.

Our services in hedging includes as well fixed price, which is fixing the price for a certain volume a period ahead, trigger pricing, where the customer decides when to lock the purchase price and average price, which is pricing the product based on average market price during an agreed pricing period.


Remove price risks

The volatility of the oil price is a material risk for the cost base of many bunker customers. Especially for those who work in an industry where their income is locked in on term contacts, for instance freight rates and service income. Others want to lock in their cost base to show a stable performance to stakeholders such as shareholders and banks.

Work closely with us and keep your budget under control. We can help handle your oil price exposure issues in various ways: 

  • Eliminate oil price risk
  • Secure profit margins
  • Secure financial stability
  • Strengthen competitiveness
  • Create space for focus on core business


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