Specialized Solutions

Unioil Supply offers specialized solutions anywhere and anytime. We know that different needs require different solutions - some time specialized solutions.

Whether it is a matter of sensitive products, difficult conditions for supply or a need of tailormade solutions, we are always ready for the challenge.

Benefit from our strong competences and broad expertise, and get advantage from a business partner that constantly focus on finding the best solution, optimization and improvements for our clients.


Strong competences

Unioil Supply is a team of dedicated specialists, all focusing on understanding the needs of the customers and finding the best suitable solutions.

We have strong competences within sourcing, quality, hedging, logistic, finance and compliance. By being flexible and working closely together, our team creates tailormade solutions solving the challenges of our customers.


Examples of specialized solutions: 


Supply to seismic vessels in difficult areas


Supply of several 3D seismic vessels within tight deadlines in remote areas with extreme weather conditions where only few supply vessels have been before.


By using our network to get access to the right hardware and with a dedicated and experienced crew onboard, we have successfully completed a number of supplies within deadline to great satisfaction for the customers.


Bunkering of 3.600 cubic metres MGO to platform


Supply to an oil platform with large overhang and high freeboard.


We managed to locate a suitable tanker with the right dimensions to perform a safe and timely delivery, while at the same time living up to both the customers’ and Unioil Supply’s high standards.


More than 100 STS supplies to various vessels


Sensitive products delivered in a timely manner in challenging conditions.


Based on many years of experience we are able to meet the strict governmental requirements from very sensitive clients.     


Full service storage setup


A client whose focus is on fishmeal and fish oil has a storage dedicated for bunkers, which provides the vessels calling their terminal with bunkers. The customer wished to focus on core business and less on sourcing, oil price hedging and financing of bunkers.


We provide a steady supply of cargo to the tank storage, finance the product and make sure that the client has transparency in prices and thereby is able to focus 100% on their core business. We have eliminated the client's exposure to price volatility and the client has no longer liquidity tied up in bunkers. We have similar setups with several other business partners in Europe.


Please contact Unioil Supply to get more insight in our expertise within specialized solutions: 

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