Unioil Supply is making RMD80 0,1% available in Copenhagen


Unioil Supply is now a supplier of ECA product RMD80 0,1% both ex pipe and by truck in Copenhagen.

RMD80 0,1% is a low-cost alternative to conventional fuel oil fulfilling ECA sulphur regulations. So far Unioil Supply has only been able to supply RMD80 0,1% ex pipe, by truck and by barge in and out of Aarhus, however the product is now also available ex pipe and by truck in Copenhagen, ready for fuelling any type of vessel. The quality meets the latest ISO standards.

"With the availability in Copenhagen we are pleased to announce that we are now able to supply RMD80 0,1% ex pipe in Copenhagen and by truck in all ports in the eastern part of Denmark", says Sales Director of Unioil Supply Jesper Sander.

Unioil Supply has a high level of expertise as a first-class bunker supplier in all Danish ports, operating the newest, safest and most suitable equipment.  

"We are now able to supply all grades of fuel oil, gasoil and other distillates in all Danish ports", Jesper Sander continues.


Value-added services

Unioil Supply is a reliable and flexible supplier of fuel products with strong competencies in related services such as bunker management, oil price exposure, finance and credit solutions, sourcing, logistics and daily pricing updates.

Unioil Supply operates based on a quality management system that meets requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 international standard and which is certified by DNV GL.


For more information, please visit our company website at www.unioil-supply.com or contact us at sales@unioil-supply.com or +(45) 88 82 81 81.