LNG liquefaction plant in Port of Frederikshavn


A LNG liquefaction plant is being projected in the Danish Port of Frederikshavn, where Unioil Supply, as a partner and stakeholder, is planning to handle their sales and distribution.

Bunker Holding Group is in a project partnership with Nature Energy and Kosan Crisplant in the Port of Frederikshavn for the possible construction of a small-scale LNG liquefaction plant in northern Denmark.

Within the Bunker Holding Group Unioil Supply is responsible for sales of LNG today, including the future sales and distribution of LNG from the projected liquefaction plant. Unioil Supply has been supplying LNG to the shipping industry for the last 18 months, mainly in the northern part of Europe. With the new liquefaction plant, Unioil Supply will be more flexible in terms of sourcing and offering LNG to the benefit for the customers.

"We see ourselves as market leaders within offering and handling LNG as bunkers to a wide range of clients operating in segments such as offshore, ferry and bulk carriers. With a worldwide sulphur cap of max 0,5% coming up in 2020 and ECA zones being max 0,1%, we believe that LNG as bunkers will be a good alternative to regular bunker fuel for shipping", says Jesper Sander, Sales Director at Unioil Supply.


LNG as bunkers for delivery in all ports in Europe

Unioil Supply offers LNG as bunkers for delivery in all ports in Europe by truck, in deliveries of approximately 20-100 metric tons.

As a first mover in LNG bunkering, Unioil Supply is already experienced in coordinating and supplying LNG as bunkers, including the handling of safety procedures as well as taking care of the necessary and often very complex permits required by the local authorities.

Unioil Supply operates based on a quality management system that meets requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 international standard and which is certified by DNV GL.


For more information, please visit our company website at www.unioil-supply.com or contact us at sales@unioil-supply.com or +(45) 88 82 81 81.