Barents Sea

Unioil Supply performs high sea bunkering under almost all weather conditions and has a permanent offshore setup in the area of Norwegian, Barents and Kara Sea.

Benefit from a shorter delivery time on bunker supply with Unioil Supply’s permanent offshore bunkering setup in the area of Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea, Kara Sea, Laptev Sea, Russian Economic Zone and Svalbard. Our permanent presence secures high operating flexibility for your advantage.

We offer a strong, stable and competitive price alternative to other supply options. Our focus is reliability – and we always operate in close co-operation with clients to fulfil their expectations.    

The customer base is mainly concentrated around the fishing industry, the offshore business and the seismic industry, however not limited to these industries.


A safe delivery

To ensure safe high sea bunkering, even in harsh weather, our vessel is equipped with a stern-line solution and fitted with professional fenders for alongside operations. The crew is highly skilled, experienced and trained to focus on safety and compliance.

All products delivered by Unioil Supply fulfil the quality specification given by the latest ISO standards.


Value-added services

Unioil Supply offers a full service concept for bunkering supply. From a professional analysis of your needs and challenges, we can design and offer services like bunker management, hedging of oil prices, solutions involving financing and credit, sourcing, logistics and daily pricing updates.




  • By barge (MT Nordstraum, 3743 DWT)  –  stern-line as well as alongside
  • By barge (MT Forstraum, 3271 DWT) - stern-line as well as alongside           
  • Both vessels are fitted with professional fenders, flowmeter and state of the art floating hoses with automatic high-end emergency stop system


  • Fuel oil (30-800cst) – HSFO, LSFO and ULSFO/RMD-80
  • MGO 0.1% and DMA 0.1%                                        


Service area:             

  • Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea, Kara Sea, Laptev Sea, Russian Economic Zone and Svalbard


Please contact Unioil Supply for reliable, flexible and safe high sea bunkering at a fair price: 

Bunker Supply:
- Phone: +45 88 81 17 87
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